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Summer 2005: ElEd & SpEd Websites designed by current Technology for Teaching and Learning students

Word Central More than just an online dictionary for kids. Look up words (fast!) in the Student Dictionary or build your own dictionary. Stump your students with their Daily Buzzword.

abc Teach Network
This website caters itself to the K-3 classroom. It provides activities in reading, comprehension, math, etc. It also provides printable flash cards usable to reinforce classroom lessons. There is also a section devoted to theme units with many great lesson ideas, and printable materials.

A copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Developed as part of the Partners in Education program by Tech4Learning, and the Orange County Public Schools Technology Development Unit

A to Z Teacher Stuff Network
At this site one can find lesson plans, ideas and tips within several themes, printables and more. One can also start or join discussions.

ABC Student Links
This is a great start for any kind of research, and is perfect for children to use within the classroom, or at home. This site lists links to where children can find good and safe information about any topic they need information about.

Imagine Nation
A fun website that children can go to, to play games and learn about cartoon characters. Also, good for teachers because there are educational activities.

Mathematic Lessons that are fun! fun!
A great website for teachers, especially new teachers. The site offers many different math activities and lesson plans that teachers can use when teaching math.

Fossweb is an amazing website that allows students, normally from grades 3-6, the chance to do activities, view pictures and movies and much more. Also, Fossweb has a wonderful teacher resource page.

This North Dakota based website is an excellent site that can provide students of all ages with interesting and exciting interactive labs and activities that have potential to be done both on-line and in the classroom.

Teachers helping Teachers
This is a good website to bookmark! It has great ways to reward children for their individuality.

This is a good website for new ideas on classroom management.

This web page is totally kid based. Some of its feature include a question and answer section about the web, games, and fun articles for kids to read.

This website is focused on teaching kids about wildlife conservation. There is a section for teachers that has curriculum about wolves, sea otters, and wildlife in general. It also has a "defend it" section that teachers children to be proactive in wildlife conservation. It even teaches kids how to search the internet for information. There is also a electronic fact sheet that informs children about over 50 endangered species.

Teaching K-8
This website is wonderful - based on the Teaching K-8 magazine. It has several links for articles about teachers throughout the U.S., classroom ideas, lesson plans, teacher resources, and classroom activities.

SuperKids Educational Software Review
This site has a variety of tools to help you become a great educator. It has examples of lesson plans, keeps you up to date with new software, newsletters, books, games, and a whole lot more!

American Library Association's Great Web Sites for Kids
Portal with links organized by topics, such as ANimals, the Arts, Literature and Languages, Reference Desk, and Social Sciences.

National Geographic Kids
Games, activities, and homework help from National Geographic

Cosponsored by the National Center for Missing and exploited Children and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. NetSmartz teaches about online safety.

Smithsonian Education
Learn about everything from Viking voyages to the life of Ernest Hemingway. Content topics include Everything Art, Science and nature, History and Culture, People and Places.

Yahooligans:Web Guide for Kids
Popular kids' portal with links to games, refernces ites, cultural and entertainment content, and more.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
From Discovery Communications, where you'll find games, pictures, and quirky facts about all things creepy and slimy--definitely a kid pleaser! (Unfortunately, works best with Internet Explorer)

Special Education
Websites worth Visiting

(photo courtesy of US Dept. of Education's Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services)

Apple Special Needs page: Technology for people with special needs. Has a database to find specific hardware and software needs. Read success stories about those who have overcome great challenges with the aid of technology.

Family Village School: Assistive technology for students with disabilities. Articles and website links.

NCIP: National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education through technology, media, and materials. Resources, links, materials to promote the effective use of technology to enhance educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical and social/emotional disabilities.

RJ Cooper & Associates: Software and hardware for persons with special needs; online ordering available.

Discovery School's Education resources for special education, counseling, and school psychology

University of Virgina's Office of Special Education internet resources

EdHD 5007 Individual Websites

EdHD 5007 section 003 August 16, 2005
TeacherWeb sites*
UofM (HTML) sites

*TeacherWeb Sites effective through August 31, 2005

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