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In TAP schools, Ongoing Applied Professional Growth means that time is set aside for teacher learning which is always focused on increasing student learning. This includes: cluster groups and individual growth plans (IGP). Cluster groups meet for one to two hours weekly during contract time in grade-alike or subject-alike groups. Clusters are led by expert instructors in the school—the master and/or mentor teachers.
Each teacher is also expected to have an IGP that includes identified goals and activities within clusters and classrooms that support new teacher learning. This new teacher learning is required to meet an identified student learning need. Cluster work and IGPs follow the TAP STEPS for Effective Learning that provides a framework for improving instruction to meet student-learning needs.

The STEPS guide teachers to:
• Set learning goals based on an analysis of student performance;
• Identify research-based, proven learning strategies to address goals;
• Work collaboratively to develop new instructional practices;
• Bring the new learning to the classroom; and,
• Measure how well the new strategy helped students meet the learning goals set by teachers.

Cluster Group Handbook
2004 version. Watch for updated edition.(MS Word)

Sample Cluster Meeting Protocol (tiff image)

Cluster Group Observation Rubric (MS Word)

Cluster Meeting Record
(MS Word) Page 37 in Cluster Handbook.

Cluster Meeting Records Rubric (MS Word) Page 30 in Cluster Handbook.


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updated April 6, 2006