Really Useful

Graphic Organizers ( site with electronic templates.

KidsBookshelf publishes original book reviews, poems, and short stories of no more than 1,000 words.

Create a rubric
Rubric Builder
Rubrics software
Microsoft Word certificate template

Online assignments
QuizStar (free web-based for K-12 teachers)
Illuminations Math lessons, standards, resources

Commercial User Response Systems

Other Sites Worth Visiting:
New Horizons Virtual Building on the Internet with "floors" focused on different aspects of learning. all sorts of information includes online newspaper, links, articles, reviews, interviews, and current education news.

Four vocabulary strategies for high school (and links to more reading activities/discussions)

Vocabulary Word Maps This is a download of a visualizing map for teaching vocabulary – esp. social studies

Planet Perplex Optical illusions. Hidden and impossible images. Visual puzzles. Feeling smart? Scroll through these drawings and marvel at the conundrums and paradoxes!

Study Guide for Classroom Instruction That Works From the ASCD website, click on the Publications Tab, choosing "Books." Select the book title from the Study Guides selection.