Portfolio Resources

University of Minnesota Sources
SPS Tells what's expected in the portfolio from the College of Education. They also have a packet available (110 Wulling Hall)
Center for Teacher and Learner Services Another UofM source of information

5007 efolios

How to
Teacher Net.com
Ideas, tools, teacher chat; refers to a "notebook-type" portfolio, but tips are helpful

Electronic Teaching Portfolios
A discussion of what goes in them, how to store them, programs to create them, etc.

Discussion Articles
Ed. Week March 5, 1997
Effect portfolios have on the hiring of teachers

Teacher portfolios: Great Idea or Waste of Time
What should and should not be in them

University of Virginia Center for Technology and Teacher Education
Student/Teacher Portfolio examples

Cohort Examples
View examples from previous EdHD 5007s:

Science web-based sample

Math web-based sample

Third grade science PowerPoint sample

Creating CD portfolios
updated: July 3, 2005